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About Us


Compassionate, dignified, and hands-on care for seniors with dementia is just the beginning.
We strive to go further.


It all started back in 1979, when a Catholic school for boys in Moose Jaw was reborn as Chez Nous: an elegant home for seniors.

Then in 2017, Enterprise4Good came on the scene and bought the facility, which would become the foundation for Home4Good.

Enterprise4Good is a unique Canadian non-profit organization that uses the revolutionary new model of social enterprise. This means that we operate as a business: rather than depending on fundraising and donations, we charge reasonable rates to provide valuable services that benefit the community. This financial independence allows us to innovate and focus more on helping those around us than worrying about securing funding.

Enter Home4Good, a child organization of Enterprise4Good that focuses on quality care for seniors, particularly those with dementia.

We don’t want to mimic other budget facilities, rather creating a dignified and welcoming place for seniors to live and thrive. Our specialization in memory care allows us to enrich the lives of residents who might otherwise have their needs neglected. And by keeping the amount of beds low, we can set a higher bar of quality for each senior we work with. It’s not about profit, it’s about making a difference.

Today Home4Good has 33 employees which support up to 50 residents in our Chez Nous facility. As we grow and progress, we hope to set a new standard of affordable support for seniors that require specialized memory care. We’re constantly using our entrepreneurial roots to seek out opportunities across Canada. And, someday, hopefully find a permanent cure for dementia.